Xeriscaping – What is it?

Have you heard of Xeriscaping but aren’t quite sure what it means? Xeriscaping is the art of creating a landscape that use less water and fertilizer than a conventional landscape. This is becoming more popular as resources once taken for granted, such as water, are becoming scarce and more expensive. Adding Xeriscaping to your home’s landscaping can cut your water and maintenance costs by almost half.

There is now a wide selection of plants used in Xeriscaping including; lilacs, day lilies and purple coneflower. If some of these plants already grow in your flowerbeds, then you have already been Xeriscaping and may not have known it. There is tons of information on the internet about Xeriscaping and many good books have been written on the subject. 

 We would love to hear how you are currently Xeriscaping and what plans you may have for implementing these techniques in your landscaping. Good luck in your Xeriscaping adventure!


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