More Eco-Friendly Landscaping Trends

In addition to Xeriscaping, another trend that is becoming more popular today is composting. Composting is the decomposition of materials to be reused as a nutritious supplement for your garden, lawn, and house plants. A variety of materials may be used for composting, including leaves, grass, weeds, and some kitchen scraps.  Compost can be used to fight weeds organically and is something you can make yourself at home.

There are special composting bins available which, hold the materials while allowing air to circulate through and be turned or you can simply put the right combination of green and brown materials in a pile in a sunny place and turn the pile over occasionally with a pitchfork. The secret in making good compost is getting the temperature just right – between 50 and 60° Celsius. Without reaching the required temperature the decomposition process will not occur.

There are many different levels of composting, ranging from simple to highly complicated and depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it will determine the amount and quality of “black gold” that you will get out. You can even complete a class and become certified on “How to Become a Master Composter.”

Check out for more information on composting.


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