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Every year Easter gets less and less attention and becomes a last minute rush for what to do unless you are more traditional. Did you know that Easter is celebrated in the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. For us in the Northern Hemisphere it is celebrated in March or April depending on the lunisolar calendar.

Easter 2011

This year it is on Sunday, April 24. For those of us in Northeastern Wisconsin – it is happening after an eventful tornado and snow shower, so the Easter Egg hunt might be damp.

The real question is “What are you doing for Easter 2011?” (ed. Seattle, WA)

1. Family traditions. If you’ll be attending a church service, have you considered inviting someone to go with you? Or, if your family tradition is enjoying the great outdoors, will friends be joining you? Easter Sunday would also be a good time to visit someone in a nursing home.

2. Easter memories. Are you thinking about days gone by and your family traditions surrounding Easter? See “What’s Your Favorite Easter Memory?” for reminisces about Easter.

3. Easter eggs. Do all those chemicals used to dye eggs seen unecological to you? Visit “How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Natural Materials” for ideas on alternatives.

4. Non-sugar treats.
Are you tired of filling your kids with sugar on every American holiday? Go to “Ideas for Non-sugar Easter Treats” for ideas on giving stickers and other gifts instead of the sugary treats.

5. Planning and organizing. Do you still need tips for your Easter celebration? Go to “Top 10 Tips for a Great Easter” for suggestions.

6. Decorating. Do you need ideas for Easter decorating? Visit “Top 10 tips for Easter Tables” for decorating tips.

7. Activities. Are you looking for Easter activities to keep your kids entertained? See “Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids This Easter” for ideas.

8. Green Easter. Do you need suggestions on how to “green” your Easter celebration? Visit “Green Tips for Easter Sunday” for more information.

9. Easter photos. Are you looking for ideas on how to get great Easter photos? See “Three Tips for Taking Perfect Easter Photos” for suggestions.

10. Easter celebrations. Are you wondering how Americans celebrate Easter? See “What Does Easter Mean to You?” for information on church attendance, holiday spending, and what different regions serve for Easter dinner.

Happy Easter


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