Tips for Spring Clean Up

After the snow melts many yards can look like a mess! They may be covered with leaves and sticks left over from fall, dead-decaying foliage from your perennials and possibly damaged limbs on shrubs or trees caused by animals or the harsh winter.  Here are some helpful hints of things you can do to not only clean-up your yard but to help care for and promote a healthy Landscape.

  • When you see new growth appear on your perennials, remove or cut back any of the dead foliage from last season
  • Remove any leaves and sticks/debris covering your turf or landscape beds.  Applying an early spring lawn fertilization and crab-grass pre-emergent will encourage a nice flush of green and will prevent any crab-grass that hasn’t sprouted.  If you’d like to promote growth from your perennials you can apply a fertilizer to your landscape beds or if weeds have been a problem in the past applying a broadleaf pre-emergent to your perennial beds in early spring will help prevent weeds.  (remember, there are organic options for fertilizer to promote sustainability)
  • Make sure to prune any shrubs or trees with any winter damage.  This will remove any areas that are more susceptible to disease and will promote new growth.
  • Adding 2-3” of natural bark mulch to your landscape beds adds a fertilizer component and will help your beds retain moisture in addition to looking fresh and beautiful.

These are just some of the basic tips to get your in shape and looking great! When doing your clean-up, if you come across any issues or are seeking any professional advice, don’t hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to help.


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