Using Compost Tea

What is Compost Tea? Compost Tea is made by steeping compost in water, and it can be used to spray on plant leaves or applied to soil. Compost Tea is a safe alternative to fertilizers, and other chemical-based products.

Compost itself helps plants and gardens grow better, but the benefits of using compost tea are actually greater than just using compost. Compost Tea provides nutrients and helpful organisms to plants and soil, which increases plant growth, decreases possible plant disease, and also replaces toxic garden chemicals.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the process of making Compost Tea: the process extracts microorganisms out of the compost and into the water, and then the microorganisms are fed to breed and grow them. When the tea is ready, it is then sprayed into plants, lawn, etc.

We use Compost Tea to effectively grow and treat plants and yards.  Contact Us today for more information!

NOTE: The Compost Tea should not be applied to edible plant parts (ex: actual tomato of a tomato plant), but is safe to apply to non-edible plant parts as well as the soil around the plant.


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