Festive with Fall Plantings!

Summer maybe unwinding, but with the colorful leaf change coming and an array of fall flowering plants, fall is a very colorful and festive time of year! From Mums to Kale to ‘Field of Dreams’ cornstalks, there are a variety of plants to be creative with! Mums come in a variety of colors such as pink, yellow, burgundy, orange and shades of colors in between. Kale is a form of cabbage that displays a beautiful green leaf with purple veins and adds a nice to touch to any planting.  Another great tip to add a splash of color to planters is to use ornamental peppers.  The plant is small but filled with orange, yellow, purple and red peppers. These peppers are usually grown for aesthetic value so watch out because they can be extremely hot!

If you’d like to be festive this fall, here are some areas to add seasonal color to your home, yard or business:  add plants such as mums, ornamental peppers or even kale to some of your indoor pots. Just make sure they are get direct sunlight through-out the day.  Create planters with a variety of plants such as the cornstalks, millet, mums, kale, etc. that you can place near a door entrance, porch or your driveway. You can also replace annuals in flower boxes with some of these plants or simply add these plants in open areas in your landscape beds.  There are many ideas to choose from and be creative with so have fun!


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