How to Cultivate and Maintain a Great Lawn

Having and maintaining a great lawn is easier than you may think.  Check out the steps below for a guideline to keep your yard looking it best!

  1. MOW YOUR LAWN AT YOUR MOWER’S HIGHEST SETTING – By keeping your grass tall, it keeps it healthy.  Tall, thick grass helps choke out week seeds.  Tall grass also shades the soil better, keeping it cool and moist, which improves the root penetration, allowing the grass to last in times of drought.
  2. DON’T FERTILIZE YOUR LAWN CONTINUALLY – Fertilizing your grass once in the Fall, or twice (Fall & Spring) is best.  Fertilizing your yard more than twice causes the grass to grow rapidly, making it more susceptible to disease.
  3. WATER YOUR LAWN DEEPLY, NOT FREQUENTLY – What we mean by this is that it is better for you to water your lawn once a week for an hour, than to water your lawn every day for 10 minutes.  Watering longer causes the soil beneath the roots of your grass to moisten, allowing the roots to go down further, which creates more resilient grass.
  4. DO NOT APPLY PESTICIDES, FUNGICIDES OR INSECTICIDES – If you follow the first 3 steps, your grass should not need any of the chemical substances.  Some of the insects that patrol your lawn actually work to keep it healthier.  If your grass is healthy (follow Steps 1-3 to get it there), it will be thick and tough enough to withstand any insect attacks.

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