Reminders During this Fall Season

Fall is a great time of year to plan ahead and plant things in anticipation of the upcoming spring and summer.

Gently prune your trees and shrubs now!Fall is a great time to prune your trees and shrubs. While major pruning of trees and shrubs is detrimental to plant growth (and should be done in the Spring), gentle pruning is a great idea.

Fall is also a great time to kill those pesky weeds that have popped up throughout the summer. Remember, the weed killing process may take a couple of weeks, so plan ahead and start now!

Contact us if you have any questions or are in need of assistance! We’re happy to help!

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Festive with Fall Plantings!

Summer maybe unwinding, but with the colorful leaf change coming and an array of fall flowering plants, fall is a very colorful and festive time of year! From Mums to Kale to ‘Field of Dreams’ cornstalks, there are a variety of plants to be creative with! Mums come in a variety of colors such as pink, yellow, burgundy, orange and shades of colors in between. Kale is a form of cabbage that displays a beautiful green leaf with purple veins and adds a nice to touch to any planting.  Another great tip to add a splash of color to planters is to use ornamental peppers.  The plant is small but filled with orange, yellow, purple and red peppers. These peppers are usually grown for aesthetic value so watch out because they can be extremely hot!

If you’d like to be festive this fall, here are some areas to add seasonal color to your home, yard or business:  add plants such as mums, ornamental peppers or even kale to some of your indoor pots. Just make sure they are get direct sunlight through-out the day.  Create planters with a variety of plants such as the cornstalks, millet, mums, kale, etc. that you can place near a door entrance, porch or your driveway. You can also replace annuals in flower boxes with some of these plants or simply add these plants in open areas in your landscape beds.  There are many ideas to choose from and be creative with so have fun!

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Helpful Tips

Let us help you pick the right fall flowers!

Here is a list of some good Fall/Seasonal color flowers and plants: Mums, Kales, Asters, Crows and Tulips

Plant your flower bulbs now for Spring!


Now is the time to start thinking about planting your flower bulbs.  Don’t forget to plant them now, or you’ll miss out this Spring!


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Using Compost Tea

What is Compost Tea? Compost Tea is made by steeping compost in water, and it can be used to spray on plant leaves or applied to soil. Compost Tea is a safe alternative to fertilizers, and other chemical-based products.

Compost itself helps plants and gardens grow better, but the benefits of using compost tea are actually greater than just using compost. Compost Tea provides nutrients and helpful organisms to plants and soil, which increases plant growth, decreases possible plant disease, and also replaces toxic garden chemicals.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the process of making Compost Tea: the process extracts microorganisms out of the compost and into the water, and then the microorganisms are fed to breed and grow them. When the tea is ready, it is then sprayed into plants, lawn, etc.

We use Compost Tea to effectively grow and treat plants and yards.  Contact Us today for more information!

NOTE: The Compost Tea should not be applied to edible plant parts (ex: actual tomato of a tomato plant), but is safe to apply to non-edible plant parts as well as the soil around the plant.

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Importance of Watering

Water your plants to make them vibrant and healthy!Now that the summer heat is about to pick up again, it is important to remember to water your yard and plants.

Grass needs about an inch of water each week.  Check online if you have questions about how much water each specific plant that you own needs.

A good way to check to see if your plant needs watering is to stick your finger in the soil to see if it is moist or dry.

One way to help your yard and plants flourish this summer is by creating a watering schedule.  A little bit consistently will go a long way!

For more gardening tips, CLICK HERE!

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Another Satisfied Homeowner!

Click to Enlarge Engel's Thank You Note

Once in a while you need to toot your own horn. We received this thank you note from the Engels yesterday. Congratulations to our Landscape Designer, John Lecker, and the crew that helped make another family’s dream come alive. GREAT JOB GUYS!

You too can have your dream outdoor space. Whether it is a new garden space, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen or even your lawn. We can set a time for you to sit down with John, Kelly or Gerry to start making your dream outdoor space become reality! Call us today at (920)337-4915.

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De Pere Library Upgrade (Part 2)

Landscape Associates continues making progress with landscaping the front entrance and the court yard of the Old De Pere Library, which is owned by Nell & Associates.

Progress is definitely being made and the Old De Pere Library building is evolving into the New Nell & Associates office. It’s amazing what some landscaping and a redesign of the court yard can do to improve the looks of a great building.

The guys working on the pergola in the court yard are Silvano, Shawn and Matt.

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Trailer and Skid Steer Safety

Do you know how to hook up a trailer, secure a skid steer, or check mower blades?

Earlier this week, Landscape Associates had training on connecting a trailer and chaining down a skid steer to a trailer. Safety First. They went over what to strap down in a maintenance trailer and daily checks to make sure mower blades are tight so they do not come flying off. (Ouch!)

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Got Gypsy Moths?

Got Gypsy Moths?.

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Make Backyard Improvements with Landscape Associates

This gallery contains 4 photos.

No matter how small or large your landscaping dreams, you need to call Landscape Associates at 920-337-4915 Continue reading

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